Rise and Shine Youth Retreat highlights the voices and responds to the emotional needs, creativity and well being of Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

Our mission is to foster meaningful relationships between Black people and nature through cooperative living, wellness retreats, residences, and outdoor exploration/celebration.

We provide a space for folks to awaken their senses, a place for gathering, a place that embraces our diverse cultures, a place where we can embrace the ways that we speak without code switching. A place where people of color explore the woods and not feel like we are on white territory. A place to relax and be free. 

Support  Black Liberation for Black people in Maine and beyond. 

Black Liberation looks like

Black Trans Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black led programming 

Black children playing in the woods

Access to land 

Access to land to grow food 

Safe, clean and affordable housing 

Food accessibility 

Safe space to practice spirituality 

Community building and fellowship 

Outdoor sports and SO much more.



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