Meet Nicole Mokeme

Nicole is the Creative Director of Rise and Shine Youth Retreat and has co-created with various organizations that support Black Lives including, Black Artist Forum, Embodied Equity Consulting, Theater Ensemble of Color, The For Us By Us Fund, The Third Place, Hi Tiger, Portland Empowered, Women United Around the World and 21st Century.

Nicole Antonette Mokeme is an enthusiastic and electrifying woman of Universal Love. Nicole is passionate about working with and for Black people and organizations in the state of Maine. Her mission is Black Liberation. Her work supports younger generations with love, guidance and safety and she works to connect resources to the greater Black community.

Nicole founded Rise and Shine Youth Retreat in 2014 to create a diverse community of teenage girls who courageously celebrate themselves and compassionately support one another. Through retreats and local  self-care events, Nicole holds space for teen girls to explore an integration of leadership, wellness and creativity.

She is the mother of a 9 year old and spends much of her time learning and growing with her child.


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