Rise and Shine Youth Retreat creates safe spaces for folx to explore and do the inner work that is necessary for growth, peace of mind, liberation and leadership. Nourishing people right where they are and encouraging them to be exactly who they are promotes leadership, physical health and wellness of the mind. Taking time to center, regroup and connect with new energies is imperative to the healthy growth of any being. Self-care is the most important part of our retreats. When we learn and practice the fundamentals of of self-care, physically and mentally, we are more equipped with the tools needed to create a better society. As we take the time to awaken the mind, body and spirit and to nurture inner dialogue and self-discovery, we know that seeds of consciousness are planted and produce grounded and healthy beings. To ensure that we continue to offer enriching and fulfilling experiences, we need your support.

Here’s how you can help!

Donate directly to Rise and Shine Youth Retreat

  • Donate online
  • Send a check to: Rise and Shine Youth Retreat

All checks  must be made out to and mailed to our fiscal sponsor, Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC). Please write Rise and Shine Youth Retreat in the memo.

Address: PO Box 2444, Augusta, Maine 04338

  • Provide an item on our wish list.
  • Spread the word! Help us create a growing community where individuality is valued and leaders are inspired.
  • Like us on Facebook!

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Thank you for supporting Rise and Shine Youth Retreat!

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